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(male announcer) this is the bay area news station, kron 4 news starts now. we have a live report on a woman who was the victim of an attempted robbery with a stun gun! and in the south bay. a sweep of homeless camps. leads to more than half a dozen arrests of sex offenders! we tell you what prompted the search. next a woman is shocked in the face by a suspect with a stun gun. near a san francisco intersection. police say, the suspect was after the victim's cell phone. we go live to the scene of the attack. that's where we find kron 4's philippe djegal. philippe - the attack
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>> yes, pam. police say the attack happened in broad daylight. with several witnesses in the area. one of those witnesses also tells me the attack happened at this bus stop. but in the end. the suspect left empy handed. this is an example of what police say a man used to try and rob a woman of her purse and cellphone tuesday. witnesses say the suspect and the victim then got into a scuffle at this bus stop on divisadero at haight street at around 1-20 in the afternoon. police say the suspect stunned the woman at least twice. the second time in the torso. before running off without any of the woman's belongings. jumping into a waiting car. double parked on the street. >> pam: police say it appears the suspect scouted his victim out before the attack. but the woman was not seriously injured. live in san francisco,
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>> reporter: philippe djegal, kron four news. >> pam: reportedly, this is not the first time a robber has used a stun gun. this is surveillance video of a man attacking another man on polk near turk street. back in november. you can see the suspect running after the victim, and then grabbing him under some scaffolding. we'll zoom in a show you the moment where the victim is shocked. the two fight for a few seconds, and then run in opposite directions. and all of this - in a >> jacqueline: temperatures are falling and we are expecting the wind to die down. your neighborhood temperatures, coming up.
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>> pam: more than half a dozen sex offenders arrested. after sheriff's deputies do a sweep of homeless camps in the south bay. kron 4's charles clifford has details on what prompted the search. >> on january 4th, the santa clara county sheriff's office's safe, or sexual assault felony enforcement, task force conducted a sweep of homeless camps around the county. they went looking for registered sex offenders. to make sure they comply and check up on their statuses. with help from the california state parol office and the u.s. marshal's service, the task force checked up on camps mainly located in san jose, including one near the county fair grounds. in all they conducted 250 compliance checks. they made 10 arrests. 8 of the ten were for violating their sex register status. the other two were for
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unrelated arrest warrents when they came across them in the homeless camps. across santa clara county there are slightly more than 4000 registered sex offenders and about 600 of those listed as being transient or homeless. offenders who have a residence are required to register with the county once a year, but transients have to check in on a monthly basis. so obviously the safe investigators want to monitor the transient persons a little more closely because it's more likely they will be out of compliance. >> reporter: in santa clara county, charles clifford kron 4 news. >> pam: sausalito police discovered 167- pounds of marijuana and other drugs. all hidden inside a large shipping container. kron 4's reggie kumar tells us what led investigators to the location. and the charges the suspect now when the suspect open the door they found a strong
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odor of marijuana. they found several bags of cannabis behind a false wall. and also found cocaine in. he had been growing this and medicine no county and storing all of it in this container. it had electricity, and a television and a bed. the estimated street value is 419,000. he faces marijuana cultivation charges. he never set to use this for medical purposes. there was no evidence that he was trying to sell it. in the sausalito, kron 4. >> pam: still ahead. new developments in the search for human remains. which set back the f-b-i's investigation into the speed freak killings. then. a new study on earthquakes. has some scientists. changing the way they look at earthquake faults. we tell you why. >> plus. an intiative to
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increase the safety on the bay bridge. comes with a hefty price. that's all ahead on kron 4 news at 11.
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>> pam: more on a developing story. f.b.i crews may be searching a central valley well for a long time -- as they look for human remains. it is all part of the so- called 'speed-freak killers'" case. the two men blamed for a killing rampage in the 1980's and 90's. kron 4's j.r. stone has more. on the problems the f.b.i is facing. >> the fbi has been surging this abandoned well site for four days. they have been surging this the bottom of this was reached they thought that the well site said this. >> he said that it was 50 ft. deep. >> now, it is actually 200 ft. below the surface. that
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could be a problem if this continues hold true. >> we might only be able to excavate 5 ft. per day. >> this could take 40 days if it is 200 ft.. it is deeper than expected and there is water on the bottom of. there must have special equipment to extract that water. that could take several more days. and then there special equipment with cameras and then sifting through with the turf for human remains. j. r. stone, kron 4 news. >> coming up later we will hear from the 49ers, the packers and who is going to place check. and tiger woods. financial problems, later. >> jacqueline: we are in for a freezing and frost >> jacqueline: we are in for a freezing and frost conditiothere is no mass-produced human. so we created the extraordinarily comfortable sleep number experience.
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start your new year right with a heart-healthy meal at your neighborhood subway today. subway. eat fresh. >> pam: police have just released a sketch of the suspect who they say was behind a bay area bank robbery. palo alto police are searching for an armed robber, who witnesses say, demanded money from tellers at a credit union. police say, the suspect had a gun. witnesses describe the suspect as a white male in his thirties. 6-feet 1- inches tall. with a scar near his right eye. no one was injured. it is unclear how much money he ran off with.
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police have released the picture of a man suspected murder in san pablo last month. police say donte marquee smith, allegedly shot and killed 30-year-old dejuan mcdonald. officials say the victim was the new boyfriend of smith's ex-girlfriend. smith is described as five- eleven, and weighs about 180 pounds. the suspect was last seen driving a black 19-96 nissan sentra with tinted windows. he is considered armed and dangerous. >> pam: the new bay bridge may be getting a state- of- the- art security system. that's because, like the golden gate bridge. it is a potential terrorist target. but that money will be
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coming from toll payers. 175- cameras are some of the new additions which will help serve as an anti- terrorist safety feature on the bay bridge. the cameras alone will cost 31- million dollars. but the budget-- is only eight- million- dollars. cal-trans believes the investment is important for everyone's safety. but bill dodd, chair of the bay area toll authority, is unsure about where all the money to cover the cost is coming from. he says. quote - "since the requested amount is so much greater than the budgeted amount, we feel it is appropriate to investigate further, so that our toll payers' money is well spent." the bay area toll authority's full board will have the final approval next month. and the new bay bridge is expected to open labor day weekend. >> pam: a recently published report, may change what we know about certain earthquake fault lines, and how they could produce stronger earthquakes then once thought.
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however, as kron 4's scott rates show us, not all scientists agree with the study in national news. a high school student in central california is accused of shooting at a couple of his classmates today. deputies say, the boy targeted students he felt had bullied him. >> they are precariously balanced
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>> pam: a high-school student in central california is accused of targeting his students. they say the 16-year-old used his brother's shotgun. and critically injured one of the students this morning. and fired at others before being talked into giving up. >> the man accused of shooting and killing 12 people at a colorado movie theatre "will" go to trial.. today a judge ruled today that there is enough evidence against james holmes to try him on more than 160-felony counts. he's due to be arraigned tomorrow - but his attorneys have filed papers saying he's not ready to enter a plea. they're expected to ask for a delay. >> vice president joe biden met with gun owner groups today. including n-r-a representataives as head of president barrak obama's task force to fight gun violence. already biden is announcing the group will have some recommendations for the president by tuesday. it's expected that universal background checks
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for all gun owners could be in the mix. the n-r-a meantime. says it's disappointed with the meeting. an evangelical pastor chosen to give the benediction at president obama's inaugaration later this month is backing out. that's because what he said in an old sermon has come back to haunt him. reverand. louie giglio is being criticized for a sermon he gave on homosexuality in the '90's. he called same-sex relationships sinful -- and an abomination. he was originally chosen because of his work to end human trafficking. >> jacqueline: temperatures are already dropping off. 20's and 30's. frosty conditions for tomorrow and saturday. some changes over the next several days. here is what is going to look like with 27 in the santa rosa. 29 through vallejo.
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and low 30's for the south bay and for the bayshore. there is a freeze warning for the north bay in portions of the south bay. there is a frosted 53 for the bayshore. we are going to wake up to frosty conditions. giving yourself some extra time would be a good idea. as for the afternoon highs we are not going to get much help. it is going to be chilly. the one good thing is that it was very parisi. tomorrow should not be as windy. temperatures will be virtually the same. as we take a look at the temperatures next week
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should be about the same. warmer. >> pam: we're giving you a look at an unexpected passenger on an austrlian flight. a 10-foot python struggled to hang on to the plane for nearly two hours. qantas airways passengers were stunned when they saw a lare python clung to the plane's wing. the snake fought to stay on the wing pulling itself forward.only to be whipped back by the wind. a qanta spokesperson says the creature was dead on arrival. how the snake got there is still unknown. >> still ahead.gary has highlights from the big st. mary's-gonzaga matchup plus. the 49ers prepare for aaron rodgers and the packers. gary's got the latest.including who will kick for the!
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>> good evening we know that it is football week. however, st. mary's st. mary's at gonzaga 1 coach randy bennett, matthew dellavedova and the gaels get off the bus in snowy spokane, washington 1st half,:02 left 2 david stockton - john stockton son the great pass to kevin olynick for the layup just before the 1st half buzzer olynick: 31 points, 8 rebs stockton: 0 points, 7 assists gaels trailed by 20 points
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with 15 minutes to go!!! 3 matthew dellavedova - 3 pointer cuts it to just a 3 point defecit with 1:22 left 4 dellavedova - a chance to tie it but misses the 3 pointer dellavedova: 2-for-9 on 3- pointers, gonzaga hangs on 83-78 san francisco city hall was decked out in 49ers colors today >> this is the green bay packers practicing inside. they are entering the game with three points behind. the 49ers have the home court advantage. and aaron rogers is of course the key to the whole thing. and probably the best story is this guy dujuan harris was actually selling cars at a chrysler dealership in florida. the packers brought him in. and they are now
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using. >> he must not like to have light selling cars. >> he is a football player to me. he is a great job. whatever it does of the field is his business. >> let us take a look at the san francisco city hall. scarlet and gold lights shining on the façade city hall not the only landmark catching 49ers fever coit tower and the ferry building will also be lit up in red and gold lights and do any of our tax dollars go to the lighting? >> pam: sometimes the tax dollars is worth it. >> did you want at least to live in the glorious days. and i know that is bad but i
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him thinking about the non football fan. that perhaps they could use somebody else's time. but that is scary for the people in panama for big government -- and gary radnich for the people and >> pam: for big government! allahand also, the major league baseball announced that they're going to start testing for human growth hormone this right after they were denied the hall of fame and options. >> take a look at this sports guy. he this is on fox. and did you think you
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